Contract Courier for everyone

We are committed to building a product that will aid in making everyone’s life easier. We aim to continuously innovate new services for people who need them the most.

Curbside Pick-up

Are you busy with other priorities or work or tired of feeling not well? Well, then we are here for you to pick your daily base grocery, prescription, or anything you want from the store. There are so many groceries and other businesses that offer Curbside pickup services. So, we are just a call away from you and will provide you most secure, reliable, and professional services to your doorstep. The best part is that we follow all the rules and regulations as per health and safety concerns; including COVID protocols to maintain safety for our customers and our staff. So! What are you waiting for? Call us now to take maximum advantage of our flat delivery rates for your area.


We offer blazing fast parcel delivery services which include pick-up and drop-off. You select, we do the rest. Place your order at any shop or store or call us to get your order done and delivered to you. Order from any retailer, and our trusted partner network will get the items delivered to your doorstep in no time. A whole world of shopping is just a tap away. If you have an item to pick up from home or business and want to be delivered to any local address then we will do that part for you. You can call us now to find out about our rates.

(i) Same Day Store Pick-Ups - Home Drop-Offs:

Call us from the time you complete "Click and Collect" orders through Superstore, Walmart, Co-op, or other major retailers. We fulfill pick-up requests until 6 PM daily, Monday to Saturday (10 am-6 pm). We usually deliver within 3 hours window from the time an order is made.

(ii) Next-Day Store Pickups - Home Drop-Offs:

Once you have successfully placed your “Click and Collect” orders through any Superstores or any major retailers or shops then please call us and share your order details and we will do the pick-up for you and deliver it to your doorstep.

(iii) Scheduled Store Pickups - Home Drop-Offs:

If you have placed your order to pick-up on any specific day or date then please let us know as soon as you have successfully placed your order to that store and share the details of your order and we will keep it in our reminder folder to make sure that it is picked and drop to you safely and on time.

Prescription Services

We are proud to be the link between pharmacies and patients who rely on their prescriptions for their wellness. Our Rx services include pharmacy pickups and home drop-offs as well as home pickups and pharmacy drop-offs. In some cases, we deliver Rx between pharmacies or from a pharmacy to other healthcare centers such as hospitals and clinics.

Seniors' and Homecare Program

Since 2017 when we were first contracted to deliver medications from a Pharmacy in Calgary to a Seniors' home in Canmore, Alberta, we cover a wide range of areas that brought us back home. We looked at serving our clients in one city or town at a time. That is, ensuring that our drivers focus on serving a city without going to outer limits so as to be more effective and committed to delivering Rx to our clients within the appropriate time. That said, we serve a few areas in and around the City of Calgary with the same quality of service. This is mainly made possible largely by our focus on providing same-day service to clients.