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Contract Courier is an all-in-one solution for transportation, logistics, and cash on delivery payments.

Our services help move people, parcels, and payments efficiently in a safe, reliable, and inexpensive way. We utilize our experienced riders (who knows the city routes perfectly) as our mode of transport which outnumbers the cars by three times in Canada due to their shortcuts. It gets through the congested streets and narrow alleyways of cities faster than normal car drivers.

Canada’s Future Leading On-demand Pick-Ups and Logistics Service.

We are on a journey of building affordable door-to-door delivery solutions that address rampant challenges in the transportation, logistics, and payments sectors.

Empowering the community



Our on-demand services help patients, workers, homemakers, and businesses save time on transport and maximize their time being productive.


Responsive Healthcare:

We have partnered with pharmacies to help deliver over-the-counter medicine to those with no means of doing so.


Quality Service:

We work closely with our driver-partners to offer the best, standardized, fares for logistics and transport services to our customers.


Reasons to choose us


We have experienced and knowledgeable drivers who know the city very well to get your parcel to your destination faster than any drivers.


Our driving partners are licensed and GPS-tracked to ensure safety for you.


We are always there for you at every step of the way through our customer support center.

What makes us different

We are self-taught and will research to learn before soliciting help. When we learn something new, we share it with our colleagues only when key takeaways are penned or when we have a mapped recommendation.

We are constantly learning from global comparable, our competitors, our customers, our partners, and always listening deeply, always fishing through to collate the relevancy out of information and data. We have no pride in our knowledge and are always aspiring to learn more, from people who know better than us.

We learn from our flanks, we learn from travel, we learn from watching out for details, and we are relentless and agile without which we are vulnerable to attack and oblivion.

About CEO and Founder

From the outset, in 2016 when we first opened our doors to serve our Calgary customers, all we had was a car, and two passionate and very driven individuals who were committed to providing expedited same-day delivery of goods; from grocery, medications, parcels to regular mail that needed to be delivered asap. But the story of Contract courier is not complete without the entrepreneurial spirit of the company’s founder, Melchior Cyusa.

A native of Rwanda, in East Africa; Melchior arrived in Canada in 2008 and soon joined the labor force where he worked hard to make sure that he will fulfill his dream and serve this country with his best. 

For 12 years consecutive as a caregiver with a government-funded nursing home as well as a private nonprofit agency that supported people with mental health disabilities in the city of Calgary. Having worked mainly the overnight shifts, Melchior had an idea of using the most important tool, his SUV Vehicle, he had to create himself a job that would sustain him and his family as he spends more time with his young family. And that is how Contract Courier came about.

Contract Courier is specialized in same-day express services for local and area-bound deliveries, Melchior and his team have made it a goal to meet the delivery needs of businesses and residents alike all across Calgary and surrounding areas of Airdries, Cochrane, Chestermere, De Winton, Okotoks, and Langdon.

Having started delivery business in 2016 under the name, Touchstone Delivery Systems Inc. The company changed its name to Contract Courier Ltd. in June 2021 and has over the years served thousands of homes in Southern Alberta. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Melchior leads Contract Courier under the motto “Serve First.”

Since then, Contract Courier has never stopped serving the community with full trust and priority. It is our company goal to make sure that all our clients are 100% satisfied.

This is what hard work paid off. And with great ability and positive thinking will let you achieve your goals

Melchior Cyusa

CEO and Founder – Contract Courier